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The rise of Kenya as
a preferred healthcare
destination in Africa

It is estimated that Africans spend about 3.8 billion USD annually seeking healthcare overseas, predominantly East like India, Thailand and Middle East Dubai, Kenya will be targeting this multi-billion medical tourism market available to attract the patients in offering high-end healthcare services. The need of the hour is to bring awareness that Kenya offers almost 80 to 90 percent of the medical and surgical procedures that are being carried out elsewhere globally and in the coming years there wouldn’t be a need for people to travel out of the country seeking treatment outside. Kenya offers one the robust healthcare process ensuring ethical practices and transparency for patient safety. READ MORE

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Kenya can become a medical tourism hub. Kenya is fast emerging as a preferred healthcare destination for patients from East and Central Africa. However, we are still seeing patients being sent abroad for treatment that can be treated in the country, and at incredibly lower costs.
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Face of medical tourism in India. Marketing Leadership: I personally involve myself in as many outreaches and recruiting efforts as I can in creating a vibrant team as having the right people in the right place is like half job done. I believe in empowering people and delegation for decision making and address issues at their level...
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A report released by the United Nations’ Conference on Trade and Development in 2017 indicates that Kenya is one of the top beneficiaries of cross-border travel for medical purposes. Generally, 4 out 10 international tourists in Africa come from the continent itself with estimates suggesting that the inter-regional medical tourism market segment is growing.

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